For those of you who have been asking (or simply wondering)... here is the house. It is approximately 30 minutes from where David has applied. From what I've read, the town of Stoughton, WI has an interesting history and quite a few historical homes. Perhaps it's my east coast sensibilities, but there is something about old homes, good architecture, fine craftsmanship, and a place's history that capture my imagination and make me feel instantly at home. Having house shopped before I know that pictures can lie. When we were looking 2 years ago I remember seeing beautiful pictures, but the actual house was horrible. So I can't say "THIS IS THE HOUSE!" but I can say "This is what I like, am drawn to, and would enjoy."

David's phone interview went well on Friday. He said he enjoyed talking with the representative and seems more excited about the job. We've recently discovered that David is always more reserved at the start and I tend to be ready to jump. Then as things move along he becomes less anxious and I start to spazz. It happened in the months before our marriage, before we bought a home, and now as we consider moving. I am continually amazed at how God brought two opposite ends of the spectrum together so we might balance each other out. God is good.

If the company chooses to continue the interview process with David he'll receive a battery of logic/problem tests to complete. If that goes well, then there will be an interview in Madison. He says he hopes he gets the tests just because they sound fun. (See how opposite we are!) So we're still waiting and praying. I am thankful for the peace the Lord has granted me. It truly does surpass all understanding.

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