As many of you know this year has had it's ups and down at school. Construction, life changes, and the caliber of student has really thrown my little workplace for some loops. However, today I was part of a miracle. A 1st grade student, Toby, has had a very rough year. He is a behavioral nightmare and melts down (two-year old fashion) for every little thing. I literally have taught 40 minutes holding my breath hoping a chair doesn't fly, or a student get hurt due to his behavior. Today his class had a substitute--she did a marvelous job--and he seemed calm until bus duty. Suddenly, he didn't have his gloves. I told him he couldn't go back to the classroom, which sent him spiraling. I quickly said, "Toby, you can't but I can. Wait here." I went FLYING down the hall. The gloves weren't in his room. As I walked back I kept praying that he wouldn't completely lose it or if he did that his bus would come immediately. When I told him I couldn't find them he looked at me sheepishly, "Mrs. Runyon, they were in my pocket. I'm sorry. Thank you for going to the classroom to look." Very simple sentences and those non-educators of you will say, "He was just using good manners. All kids should respond like that." However, I stood there in shock. He said "I'm sorry" and "Thank you" in the same sentence! What a miracle!

In other news, David is expecting to get a battery of critical thinking tests from the company sometime next week. Things are moving forward which has us both singing praises to God and shaking in our boots.

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