Contentment leads to...

The past few weekends have been jam packed with family, food, and festivities. It's been a blast, but exhausting. Last night I came home to an under the weather hubby. I was already feeling quite anxious about David's interview process and his sore throat put me over the edge. After giving him medicine and eating some dinner, I headed to Yarn-Love. I spent the next 2 hours there feeling yarn, planning projects, chatting, and just soaking up the goodness. As I drove home, I was hit by how calm I was. The anxiety, the grumpiness, my whole mood was altered. Then I realized that regardless of what becomes of David's job search, I am content. If we remain here, I'll keep taking knitting classes, working as a teacher, and fine tuning my needles. If we move, I'll find another yarn store to haunt and new friends to teach, grow with, and learn from. How wonderful the feeling of peace descending from heaven!

Today David received word that the company wants to see him for an interview. Yesterday I would have cried. Today... today, I hugged him and said, "I'm really happy for you." And I am. He wants this job, and this move to the familiar. Meanwhile, I'm left saying, "Lord, thank you for leading me to this place. Now walk with me because the roller coaster is picking up speed."

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