Oh Baby...

Everyone knows I'm a planner. I need to state that because I don't want any of you jumping to conclusions or looking for hidden meanings. The truth is I like to know what I want and why I want it. This generally means I research things before buying (unless it's yarn and then just give me). In my spare moments, I've been looking into baby items. See... no need for panic...there is no little True-Runyon coming anytime soon--at least that we know of. I actually started building my "registry" after several girlfriends/co-works had such ridiculous ones. I got so tired of the 1,000 pointless items that manufactures labeled as must-haves for moms. So I started thinking of all my babysitting, and what type of mom I want to be. It boiled down to this: I like practical, well made things that can be used many times over a long period of time. I like fun designs and colors. I am earth conscious. From these fundamentals I came up with a 2 1/2 page list of items David and I will need to take care of a future child.

On this list are some of the following fun, funky, and earth friendly items:
The rest of the stuff on the list are basics like onesies, books, wooden teething rattles, etc. It's just amazing to me that: half of the baby furniture I like comes from Eastern Europe; glass bottles are making a comeback as more plastics are found to contain BPA's and other nasty hormone shifting chemicals; they finally make a diaper that is truly disposable! Part of me can't wait to have a kid just to try these new (and old) things.

In some ways, things have changed a lot since I was a baby. In other ways, we're just getting back to natural simple things. There will always be too much merchandise, but I hope when our time comes that we won't get caught up in the "Baby-Frenzy" and that our friends and family will respect and encourage our choices to do things a little less complicated and more down to earth.

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