Pillow Talk

Last night, we had the delight of talking with friends. Their 2 year old son is very interested in the telephone and was chattering away in the background...much to our delight. Later when David and I crawled into bed, we were discussing how our future children might be. We said that if they were chatty they would definitely take after my side of the family. If they were quiet and content they would be replicas of David. We then started a conversation as if we were two or three years old. Here was how our conversation went--

K: "Mommy, I want to talk. I like ice cream. I want to do that MYSELF. I can. I want to read. Daddy please. I try. Let's go play. Look I'm pretty. Mommy, I want to go to the park. Swing!"

D :[Big eyes looking around, totally quite] "Is this an exponent?"

At this point we just started laughing. The scary part is that it isn't a totally unrealistic question if our kid gets David's brain.

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