On Monday, David and I fly out to Madison. This trip has been much anticipated and now that it is fast upon us, I'm feeling rather anxious. I woke up at 5:00 this morning with a tight chest and a fluttery tummy. The implications of this trip are staggering. I want everything to go well for David--especially during the interview time--but I'm having trouble swallowing the reality of moving. I have the "fun" job of house hunting. I really am looking forward to it, but our house now is so charming and perfect that I fear being disappointed.

We know that the Lord will show us exactly where He wants us. Whether that is as specific as the house we are to buy or as general as the area in which to live (here or there or somewhere else). Still, my humaness (wish there was an off button) gets in the way and I want to try and plan everything. I can't and each time I do it only leads to more anxiousness, not peace.

Despite the apprehension and anxiety, we are excited. Just wish I could shrink the distance between places. As the spring continues to sprout here in Central PA, I am valuing relationships more. In particular, the girls at work and how I'd miss the crazy lunchtime chats. I'd miss our little friend M who warms our hearts and keeps us on our toes. Mostly, I'd miss my family and our ability to curl up together and laugh. Thankfully, moving does not limit how close we are. Okay so physically it does, but not emotionally. For that I am eternally grateful!

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