Won Wobbley Tooth

Yesterday at school...
Mrs. O's class comes into the computer lab, when suddenly Short-Kid-With-Always-Too-Small-Clothes starts crying and mumbling. With hand clenched over mouth he warbles, "I rst ably ooth!" The teacher calmly wraps an arm around the little fellow and says, "You're lonely what, sweet?" More scared than ever the little guy bleats, "My irst wobbley ooth!" The teacher doesn't hesitate. She ushers him to a chair saying, "How exciting! You're going to get big teeth. This isn't scary, you're growing up!" With tears streaming down his round cheeks and the hand still holding his "wobbley" tooth in place, Gabriel looks at his teacher. He doesn't buy it. Whatever she says about this exciting growing up experience is terrifying and he intends to keep his hand over his mouth so that NOTHING can change his teeth.

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