The last two weekends have been crazy! My brother-in-law Kirby graduated from Houghton College May 10 with a BA in Physics. It was such a proud moment for our whole family as Kirby worked his tail off for his degree! David and I loved seeing the family and spending time with everyone (especially Grandma and Grandpa Munn). It's such a rare treat to have us all together.

As the first daughter/sister-in-law, on David's side, I know how hard and intimidating it can be to meet "the family". Heaven's when I first arrived I don't think they knew what to do with a girl! This past weekend I realized just how much a part of the family I truly am. In addition to seeing Kirb graduate, we ha
d the privilege of meeting his girlfriend Jen. Previously, I still felt enough like the newbie that potential future family members (PFFM) were exciting to meet. I was able to be the bridge between what they were feeling and who the family is. I was both a part of the group and separate from them. However, for the first time, I felt myself thinking like a family member and not like the recent addition. Amazing how that comfort level is yearned for and then suddenly sneaks up on you. I truly prefer being a PFM (perfered family member) than a PFFM.

Then this past weekend we had the pr
ivilege of seeing two of our international friends graduate from Messiah. What a joy and honor it has been to get to know these girls! They are funny, smart, and too good at causing "trouble". :-) Sindhu has been learning to drive with us after work and Kay See has kept my father organized and my mother comforted. We're all so glad these girls will be around for another year!

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