News Updates

For starters, Madison was a whirlwind! It was fantastic to finally see the area. We also had a grand time with David's friends and their two charming children. Both of us liked the area, and our gut reactions were literally "we could take it or leave it". The towns surrounding Madion and the city itself have a lot to offer and are SUPER family friendly. These are both encouraging. David's interview went well, but we've got at least another week to wait until we hear anything. So we continue to twiddle our thumbs...

In other news, we are teaching a former intern of my dad's to drive. Sindhu is originally from India but her family has lived in many places around the world. She currently lives close to David and I. It's been great to get to know her and even more interesting to teach someone to drive. Let me just say that I have the utmost respect for my parents' patience as they taught me at 16. Sindhu is a much better driver than I was at her age, but it's still a scary experience when one thinks too hard about the reality of what you are doing.

The next few weeks of May will fly by as our weekends are packed (and the weekdays aren't much better) with commencements, my grandmother's estate sale, and general warmer weather activities. Personally, I'm grateful for all the activitity as it makes the end of the school year go more smoothly. I'm trying to treasure each day with my colleagues, students, and nearby friends. It's something we all should do, although we often don't think about it until we fear its end. While, I'm ready to know if we're moving or not, there is a part of me that is glad we don't know yet. This way I can sort of live in blissful abandon that my life will stay this rosy and spring sweet forever.

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