1/2 Birthday Goodies (and other knitting delicacies)

Since being married, my in-laws have always celebrated my 1/2 birthday. This isn't that new to me because as a kid with a December birthday it was always easier to celebrate in the summer versus the middle of winter and the holiday season. As an adult, I think I appreciate this 1/2 birthday business even more. For starters, it falls shortly after school gets out. Who doesn't like getting presents at the end of the school year? Secondly, it allows me to have a little fun the rest of year since both Christmas and my birthday fall days apart from one another.

So here are the splendiforous goodies, my in-laws got me:

I now own the itty-bitty nursery book. It's full of some really sweet, practical, and not so practical items to make for a nursery. I can't wait to get started on a tissue and wipe box covers!

The second item they gave me was the KnitPicks Harmony Options Wooden
Interchangeable Circular Needle Set. For those non-knitters out there, this means I now have a bunch of different sizes of needles that I can attach to different wires when I need them. It's AWESOME! I already have one project on the needles and several more waiting to be started.

In other knitting news, I've finished several projects that are just too yummy and am getting ready to start several more next week at the beach! First, I finished a scarf for a family member. Its a surprise so I can't say who, but I know she'll love it! It's all turquoise and has little sea stars on it.

The second item I recently finished is a beret. Everyone at Yarn-Love seems to be doing them and I just couldn't resist. This will be a gift, but I have another skein wound and ready for myself. :-)

A project that I am really looking forward to starting is this little girl's sun dress. I got enough Cornucopia to do it in Fern (the green color) and Watermelon (the pink color). On the pink one, I'll be doing a green border at the bottom then sewing on black buttons so it looks like a slice of watermelon! Additionally, I've got a navy blue yarn that I'll add in white stripes so it's a little seafaring suit. Too precious!

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