Patience...OR...How to make your house sparkle

For over a year now David and I have more or less been trying for a child. It is quite obvious that we are not ready for such a huge responsibility. Namely in the area of patience.

We are currently awaiting news about a possible job change for David. I believe the Lord has delayed the news (a whole week plus) for my benefit. I have (relatively) avoided the urge to pack things, haven't mentally settled into a new house, and am fighting every muscle to not pick up the phone myself and demand some answers. Truthfully, I know the people making the decision are prayerfully weighting the candidates and for this I'm grateful. Because my prayers have been really short lately. More like, "Okay God, I'm ready." and "I will rest in you" (thanks to my sister for that mantra!).

However, nine days later and the bathtub has been cleaned three times, toilets have been hand scrubbed(inside and out), I've baked two dozen cookies and a peach crumble, scoured the basement cleaning everything from the cement floor to wiping the dust off the water heater. I've even found myself fiddling with fabric and am gearing up for some sewing action. Sewing is a laborious task for me. I've simply run out of other physical things to do. And at all costs the hands must be kept busy for if the fingers aren't moving then the mind is... with grievous consequences.

Thomas Hardy wrote correctly of Patience in his book Tess of the D'Urbervilles. While I didn't enjoy this book during college, this quote came hauntingly back to me: "Patience, that blending of moral courage with physical timidity..." Keeping your hopes up and your actions constrained is quite a challenge. No wonder it's a fruit of the Spirit!

So while I wait, trying patiently, I'll keep resting in His will and cleaning like mad!

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