4 Days before School Starts

A few people have wondered where I have been the past few weeks. Well, David and I spent the end of our summer in Michigan. Then we arrived back just in time for me to spend 4 days on jury duty. This past week I was to be at school for in-service and room preparation. However, I was told on Tuesday at 3:30 I was getting new carpet. While I am incredibly grateful, the timing has been horrendous. So after spending 3 days unpacking boxes and dusting things off, I (along with the amazing SL Custodial Crew!) spent the remaining 2 days clearing everything out of the room. Folks thats 4 tables, 36 chairs, 2 desks, 15 shelving units, and 12,000+ books. Not an easy feat. So here are a few pictures of what my room looked like on Thursday evening. Here's hoping the carpet gets installed today!

P.S. School with kiddos starts Monday. :-)

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