Jesus Loves the Little Children

On the evening of August 5th--the day before our anniversary--David and I found out we were pregnant. One month later, Friday, September 5th our little bundle joined the angels. From the very beginning I had trouble imagining myself carrying the baby. While I was happy, I had trouble getting excited. Now I believe this was God's provision to help me prepare for the end. The amazing thing about pregnancy/parenthood is that from the moment that child starts forming it doesn't belong to you. God created it, He sustains it, and whether the child grows healthily or you miscarry there is nothing you, as the mother or father, can do. It's quite an extraordinary lesson in how God shepherds His children.

Our baby entered heaven on my beloved Dearma's 105th birthday. And while some might think it fanciful, I believe that my Great-Aunt Norma (whose birthday it would have been today), my Nana, Grandpa, and Daddy Kirk all welcomed that little one with open arms.

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