Blowpop and Addams Family

Perhaps it's because I teach 5, 6, 7, and 8 year olds. Perhaps it's because I still have such a kid side to me. Whatever the reason, I indulged myself to day by eating TWO blowpops (one sour apple, one cherry). We're talking lick all the way to the gummy middle, then chew the gum and swallow. It's exactly how I ate them as a kid and exactly what my mother always told me not to do--mainly not to swallow gum, but also not to eat too much sugar.

Another childish delight David and I have been partaking in is watching old Addams Family shows from the library. It's black and white, and perfect for October. Not to mention that a little gloomy humor with clever wit attached is the perfect ending to long days. Hee hee hee... it's great to know that one still has kid urges despite being responsible for paying the bills.

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