Comedy of Errors

Monday's in general are not my favorite day of the week. However, today has been a humdinger! To start, David set the alarm back by 15 minutes because he didn't have to be at work super early. This generally isn't a problem, but for some reason I couldn't rouse my self from the warmth of bed until close 7:00. I like to be at school by 7:30. In my rush to get out the door, I left my lunch on the counter. I realized this mistake as I arrived at work at 7:45. No biggie I thought, I'll just bop home at lunch. I left work promptly at lunchtime and jetted home only to find that my house key is patiently laying on the dining room table waiting for me to reattach it to my keyring. Immediately, I thought of running to Wendy's and grabbing a sandwich from the dollar menu. However, my wallet is also locked inside the house. To make matters all the more interesting, David is in training all day in Berks County. He doesn't have the cell phone and isn't connected to e-mail. Thus, I'm hoping he arrives back in Harrisburg before I get out of work (or shortly thereafter) because I'm going to be starving! The mini-muffin I found in the faculty room isn't going to hold me till dinner.

I think we'll eat out tonight.

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