Draw Near Great Comforter

I received word today that my cousin, Ian Wolfe, was killed last night around 11 pm. He was riding his new bike when a car struck him killing him instantly.

To say that I am shaken is an understatement. The Wolfe boys grew up right around the corner. I babysat, played with, and despite being distantly related... Ian, Austin, John Paul, and Levi are like four extra brothers to me. Part of my heart cries out--ENOUGH! I'm tired of death lingering around the corner. Hasn't my family had enough heart ache? Mostly, I cringe at the thought of losing a brother. It's been quite awhile since I've seen Ian. Now I wish for time lost.

There are many mourning the loss of this vibrant, strong, intelligent guy. My feeble prayer for myself, and the rest of the family is simply, "Draw near Great Comforter, draw near."

C.S. Lewis and his book A Grief Observed will be spending time with me tonight.

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