Election 2008

This morning (or was it last night?) I told David that I am so tired of election stuff. I'm sick of the phone calls asking me my possible election vote, for my money, for why I like one candidate over another. I'm really tired of the superfluous mail! Yesterday, I even received a hand addressed letter--how rare those are!--only to open it and find that a fellow teacher is soliciting votes for a friend.

What particularly irks me is the constant barrage trying to "seduce", prove, persuade me into voting for one candidate over another. As an American, I take my right to vote very seriously. As an intelligent individual (or at least I like to think), I do my part to research and vote for the individuals I feel will best support my moral views and still do well in the elected position. As a Christian, the outcome of this election-from Federal to Local seats-does not effect my view of God's sovereignty. The "wrong" candidate could win and my God will still be Master and Ruler of All Creation. America and the world financial crisis could continue and worsen, and my God will still provide my basic needs. My faith is not just a "God Bless America" brand nor is it attached to a political party or even a brand of governance (i.e. Democracy vs. Socialism).

I fear that regardless of the outcome of the elections next week, some "Christians" will feel like God has betrayed them or that an enemy has been given power. If so, then I hope they turn to Kings or Chronicles and see how God has remained faithful to His people.

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