Why I knit...

I am starting my first moebius project. As I was struggling with knitting the first round last evening, I got to thinking about why I knit. Over the past year Yarn, Needles, and Knitting have become as natural as breathing for me. They are my escape, yet they also keep me focused on what is really important. It allows me to pray, to cry, to be--without feeling guilty. As a woman, I sometimes feel that every moment needs to count for something. Knitting provides that satisfaction, and mental challenge, without robbing me of sheer delight.

So last night, despite the awkward and sometimes frustrating attempts to get my latest project underway, I was humbly reminded that knitting is as much a journey as life. Knitting has triumphs--finally casting on all 120 sts correctly. It has sadness--twisting your cables to the point of creating yarn sculpture versus knitting...resulting in frogging every last bit of those correctly cast on 120 sts. It can be mundane--starting over.

I'm at a starting over point in my life right now. So much of the old and familiar has past away. There are people and events that I just can't seem to hold on to. Still, I keep plodding. Just as my moebius
is finally taking shape, I'll one day see the shape of all these "unfortunate events" and know that while the architecture behind it was difficult, the end result is mesmerizing.

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