I am thankful for four seasons and white cottony snow,
for the smell of fresh bread,
my husband and his knowing how to love me.

I am thankful for my parents and their constant support,
for the prayers they've prayed and wisdom shared.

I am grateful for my siblings who keep me on my toes,
for how they make me laugh, and scream(!):
My brother checking in when life feels at its worst,
My brothers-in-law for accepting me,
My sisters for lifting me and David up

I am grateful for my home and the ability to share it with others,
for laughter and speed scrabble,
for popcorn and steak nights.

I am grateful for my job,
for the smiles and hugs and 1,000 "Mrs. R" I hear a day.

I give thanks for my knitting girls whose creativity amaze me,
for yarn to careress,
for tangled needles,
for lust lists.

I give thanks for a God who teaches me HE is in control,
for the Son who comforts me,
for the Spirit who encourages,
for a Trinity who loves me.

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