Change in Definition

A friend recently wrote on her blog about how we mentally name things, which can either lead us to a correct understanding of the world or a skewed viewpoint. As I mulled over her thoughts and processed my own recent experiences, I realized that some words I use have new dimensions to them.

For example, HOPE. I always viewed this word as having a light, airy, almost butterfly quality. With it one is lifted up. The sun shines. There is an optimistic element to it. A fluttering of anticipation and warmth. However, over the past weeks and certainly months, HOPE has changed its hue. There are now dark corners to it, shadows. A heaviness. I am learning that it carries far more depth and meaning than my previously held cavalier view. Truly, it is through sorrow and loss that one appreciates and learns the importance of HOPE. How else could the psalmist write, "...your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in you..." (Psalm 33:22)?

I wonder what words in your life experience have had definition change?

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