Sigh Of Relief

At 12 weeks and 1 day my body finally realized that its overdrive of hormones and growth was not progressing as it should. I sighed a deep breath of relief. Now we can begin the physical road of recovery. Once again our ending began with the birth of a friend's 2nd child. Such a bittersweet joy!

Being a Type A personality and a rather sentimental individual, I've decided that Petunia (baby 1) and Pumpkin (baby 2) deserve a physical place in my memory. So I'm going to knit a pinwheel blanket with a beautiful spring green yarn for what would have been her birthday in April. Since Pumpkin would have come in August, I'm knitting a blanket in a modern log cabin motif. When God grants us the joy of parenthood, however He designs it, these two gifts will be given to our child and act as reminders of how precious we are in His sight.

I'm excited to start them and enjoy the memory of these babies and the hope that our place in Christ brings..even when the future is unknown.

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