The past 7 months have been ones of trial and much emotional turmoil. However, through it all my hubby has been a source of strength. He has held me, cared for me, encouraged me, and supported me the best he knows how. He has graciously allowed me to indulge in yarn to help lift my spirits. He has sacrificed time with me so that I can do things that refill me. He has ordered cheesey mushroom pizza and served me on the couch. Brought me the heating pad, rubbed my feet, and packed my lunch. He has done all this and MUCH more while attending school full time, working, doing an internship, researching and writing his thesis, and doing the weekly laundry. I have tried to express how much his love means but I always fall short. I couldn't be blessed with a better man to lean on.

I love you my superhero-helper-husband!

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