Author Visit

Yesterday was our annual author visit. Everything went superbly despite my watch giving up the ghost at ten minutes till presentation number one. We had three presentations all together. There is a certain amount of breath holding involved with an author visit. First, you hope the author you chose will actually entertain, teach, and hold 5, 6, 7, and 8 year old attention spans for 40-45 minutes. Second, you pray that no child totally embarasses you with their behavior or questions during the q & a time. For those parents out there you know what I mean, now multiply that by 649 times. Finally, you anxiously wait for all the details (technology, luncheon preparations, remembering how to pronounce the author's name, etc.) to be over so you can inhale. Last night, I inhaled a sweet breath of "YIPPEE!"

Our author, Margery Cuyler, was awesome! Everyone loved her and the kids are still talking about her books, which is impressive since they still can't sit in their chairs correctly... we've only been practicing for 140 days. The teachers have been giving me rave reviews and our PTO is already preparing for next year. All is well. To top it off, this might have been my very last author visit in this job. I can't help feeling a little giddy at the thought...

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