Petunia's Birthday Day Present

On this the due date of our first child, I thought I would share the blanket that I made in memory of "her". While we didn't know the sex, our family refered to our baby as Petunia, which has a decidedly female tone in my mind. This pinwheel blanket is started with just a few stitches and grows exponentionally in a spiral. I chose this pattern because our baby was so small but loved by so many. Our experience might have been small, but it is our hope that it spirals out and touches others showing God's comfort. Interestingly, when I made the blanket I made a mistake. The spirals should start in the center and gracefully arch outwards. Mine have a bit of a hitch as I knitted back across a row. This "design element" actually mimics the journey we've traveled. Our road looked like it would gently flow, but the Lord changed our direction. I can't help but see that lovely reminder every time I look at this blanket.

This birthday present, along with Petunia's story and ultra sound picture will be tucked away for when the Lord does grant us a family. Then it will be used by our children and her story and God's faithfulness will be passed down.

Happy Birthday Petunia! Mommy and Daddy love you.

"He will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in Him, whose thoughts turn often to the Lord." Isaiah 26:3

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