Death of the Flies

Our house is being overrun by flies. We suspect that something is dead in our air anything got in there is a mystery. But while you can't smell anything there are flies everywhere! Friday I came home and killed 14 in 15 minutes. Yeah my aim and swatting techniques are getting lots of great practice! This morning I killed another 6 or so before leaving the house.

We both feel like it's a plague. Everything seems to be unraveling. Life and our perspective on it is falling apart. It's not any one thing but rather a culmination. We've spent this school year holding ourselves together by very fine threads. They are beginning to break and neither of us has the strength to tie, hold, or replace them.

Friends, my apologizes if I don't call you back or e-mail or avoid you--even when you are 3 feet from me. There are days and moments where I can't handle myself much less you. That sounds harsh, but I'm still dealing with Death. Death of flies, babies, family members, opportunities. Death isn't friendly, convenient, or polite. That said, please don't stop checking in because I need to be reminded that there is life abundant...I just might not answer, yet.

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