Summer Stories, Part 1

It's been quite a while since I sat down to type the happenings around our home. Our summer has been full thus far. Let me try to start at the beginning...

I spent the last week of school doing all the usual teacher things. Packing the classroom, resetting bulletin boards to fall motifs, attending retirement lunches and breakfasts, and saying summer good-byes to students and colleagues. The end of the year is always much anticipated, but this year was perhaps the saddest I've experienced. As I presided over the last bus duty, student after student came down the steps in tears and sobs. For many the summer is a chaotic shuffle of camp, babysitter, endless TV, and boredom. Not the joy of day trips, backyard fun, and freedom to roam that I remember summer being. Despite the frustrations and losses of the year, I found myself crying along with the students as we said good-bye.

My first week of freedom was yet another whirlwind as I helped move in our dear friend and brother Benny. As a Hershey Medical Center resident, he is in for a long 3 years, but if anyone is up for the challenge, he is. It was such fun to ease the transition and settle him in to his own place.

David and I then packed up the car... it was brimming... and headed to North Carolina where we met 12 other LeTourneau friends for a grand reunion at the Outer Banks. It was a wonderful trip! Friendships were renewed, much laughter was had, and the guys were perfect gentlemen towards the three of us ladies. Yes, it was nearly a 4 to 1 ratio.

Sadly, David and I received word on Sunday, June 14 that my Aunt Donna had passed away. She had fought bravely against ALS for 2 years. She will always be remembered as a warm, caring woman, who loved generously and laughed readily. She was my chocolate martini partner. Her dignity and outlook as she faced the end continues to be admired by all who knew her.

That was our June. July held it's own adventures, but I'll save those for Part 2. Stay tuned.

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