Summer Stories, Part 2

The early part of July I spent a week with my dear friend L. She showed me around her little piece of Chicago. It was a wonderful time to catch up and get to know her hubby a little better. They graciously took me north to Deerfield, Illinois so I could see St. Gregory's Episcopal Church where my parents lived while Daddy attended Trinity Seminary. This was my first "home". Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of the trip was teaching and watching her complete an entire baby sweater in 7 days! The finished product was adorable and will be worn by a well-loved little person.

I left Chicago by train and headed back to my in-laws in Michigan. There my mother-in-law and I attended Camp Scrappy in their basement. Since she is the world's expert scrap booker and has all the right tools to make the job fun, we scrap booked away for hours. It was such a wonderful time! I also was able to get some lovely old photographs from my maternal side of the family documented.

When I arrived home after nearly 2 weeks away, I hit the ground running. I cleaned the house, the windows, reorganized whole rooms and closets. I combed through the box repository we had in the attic and pitched any we didn't actually need--massive amounts of cardboard have left this house! I spent a couple days at Yarn-Love tagging and setting new fall yarns on the shelves. VERY FUN! It truly was Christmas in July. I've visited Root's and The Country Store with Mama and spent a few days catching up on my British literature and TV dramas...Afterall, it is summer. :-)

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