Chipmunk Chatter

Since moving into our home three years ago, we have had precisely one chipmunk encounter each year. Our first year, David was doing laundry and a little munk jumped out of the sheets he was holding. The little guy had come in through the dryer vent and chewed his way through the aluminum tubing. We bought a live trap.

Year two we were on vacation and Mama stopped by to empty the dehumidifier. Laying on the basement floor was a dead chipmunk. Yuck!

Year Three: Wednesday evening I got home from work and no sooner had I hugged David, does he notice a chipmunk in our kitchen. We immediately closed the "impractical" doors dividing the dining room and kitchen. Then we opened the back door, checked the bathroom (and closed that door), kept the basement door shut, opened the pantry door. There we found the following:

That little rascal had gotten into the Wilbur Cocoa and the Raspberry Chocolate Chips! Pooping on the white chocolate in the process. After assuring that he wasn't in the pantry any longer, we closed that door. For a tiny kitchen we sure have a lot of doors.

David eventually found him hiding behind the oven. With a scare and a flash, Mr. Chip dashed out the back door. How the little fellow got into the house is beyond us, but I better not find him in my kitchen again!

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