Today I substituted, at my old school, for...myself. The long term substitute who is filling in at the library was out and so I was in. It was a wonderful day of sharing literature, helping kids connect with books, and seeing colleagues.

Of course heavy on every one's mind is, "Are you coming back?"

I loved many aspects of my job, but this is my year to heal. I feel good, look good (low stress has a great effect on my body!), and step light because I'm able to move at a different pace than previously. Going back would alter that pace, and for this year I need s l o w. I am savoring homemaker duties and part-time work. Mostly, I am soaking up my quiet moments with God. He is my Sustainer in ways I never realized because I didn't have the time to notice. Yes, time is what you make of it, but sometimes we need to hit pause.

While my core desires seem to also be on pause (like my husband finding a meaningful and financially sustaining job or being able to start a family), God graciously gives me days like today. Days when He shows me that even when I didn't think He was working, He was, so I better just keep trusting that even now He is moving. Days when I realize that despite always working under the philosophy that I was replaceable, I am not entirely. It feels good to know that we (God in me) made a difference in that place.

I can't end without a kid story. During bus duty, "Webster", because he really looks like the character from the 80's TV show, hugged my legs and wouldn't let me go. Here was our conversation:
"But I need to go home and take care of my husband."
"He's an adult. He can take care of himself."
"Actually, he can't. He needs me to help him."
"Why don't you stay here and help us and get him a helper dog?"

:-) Happy Friday all!

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