Turkey Day... and SO much more!

Today is the day when nationally we celebrate great food and football, take a few seconds to remember our blessings, and tolerate our family in between. For our family, this Thanksgiving is different. Aunt Donna is missing. Our family will be gathered around her daughter's table and she'll be there, just not in the bodily form for which we all long. Still, we are so thankful that she is living in a healed and whole body- not one crippled by ALS.

I was reminded this week of the elementary activity of listing out what you are thankful for so here is my adult version:

I am thankful for...

Three little boys who are spending their first Thanksgiving with their forever families.

My brother who is home and living for GOD!

My family both near and far... how would we survive without you!

My sister who God has blessed with the man of her dreams.

Our home and the peace which resides here.

The LeTourneau Gang for your welcoming arms and enduring friendships.

The blessing of hearing how God's truth is touching lives.
This year to spend healing, growing, and knowing my God.

My husband who warms like sun.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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