My absence has been a combination of holiday travel + festivities, birthday celebrations of all sorts, the leading of a boring existence, and not feeling quite myself.

One thing is for sure: I WANT SPRING! This gloomy, frigid weather has gone on long enough. It's time for warm sunshine, spring green, tulips blooming, and the smell of summer looming. Anyone wanna give me a free vacation to Key West or some other equally warm destination so I can pass the next 66 days in bliss?

Well, until I hear from you, oh generous benefactor, I'll keep plodding away. Christmas is a distant memory (just finished packing away all the decorations) and I'm refusing to put out my winter snowmen. No way, no how! 

The new year is here. Now can someone please fast forward to March with it's hope for flowers, the start of our CSA (community supported agriculture), and Easter preparations. May... weddings, beginning of picnic season and grilling? June: Oh yeah, hot dogs on the beach, salt air, Cape May! August heat, juicy watermelon, celebrating birth day(s)? Ahhhh.... 

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