Two weeks ago, I started thinking about boldness and what it means to be bold. This was in no doubt prompted by starting a study on Romans and hearing a missionary from Russia speak. It's hard to hear about Paul's conversion and the persecution of believers and not feel totally lacking in the boldness and zeal departments. I definitely haven't come to any solid conclusions on what boldness looks like in my life, or even all the areas where a little more courage could be used. Yet I'm seeing people differently.

Everyday boldness that seems extraordinary: 
  • The woman who hosts a gathering to inform and encourage the local body about the global body as being bold. 
  • The missionary who despite losing her husband continues to serve the people God has called her to.
  • My brother who feels such heartbreak after the death of a friend he witnessed to yet doesn't know if the friend ever accepted the gospel.
  • The countless numbers of families who have lost children through miscarriages, stillbirth, from disease and wrestle with the heartbreak, but praise God nonetheless and seek to serve others through their tears.
  • The woman who prays continually for healing and blessing in others while her own body is fighting to live.
  • The man that humbles himself in the sight of the Lord, while those around him seek self satisfaction.
  • The mothers who never stop lifting their adult children before the throne of God.

These are just a few glimpses of boldness I've seen lately. They have encouraged and convicted me to be more obedient to the act of boldness in my life. All I can ask is that my life reflect this sentiment from Flannery O'Connor (twentieth century author): "I am not afraid that the book [my life] will be controversial, I'm afraid it will not be controversial." 

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