Snow Day #2

Our world is all white. Tuesday through Wednesday, February 9-10 we received another foot or so of snow adding to our already mighty 22 inches from last weekend. This most recent storm was promptly followed by heavy winds creating white out, blizzard conditions. Today we are digging out...slowly. The winds are still blowing but definitely not as strong. The plow has been by a few times, but that doesn't mean we're venturing out. Rather, we're spending another day tucked inside while the sun gently melts our winter wonderland.... At least until we get our next snow shower, which they are predicting for Monday. Here's hoping it's a dusting not a dumping. :-)

Despite the chaos outside, David and I enjoyed yesterday.

{Our 2nd floor bedroom window}

{A view to remember. You can vaguely see our crazy neighbor snowblowing the street.}

{Soft pretzel makin'}

{Being cheesy}

{Finished product}

{Cinnamon sugared}

{Wind sculpted snow}

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