Snow Ice Cream

While there are lots of recipes out there for this icy winter delicacy, here is "my recipe". Please note: I'm not much for measuring thus these are all approximations.

8 cups snow
1 cup sugar*
1 cup milk (whole milk is preferred)*
1 tablespoon vanilla*

*I usually add a little more. Use your taster to see what works for you.

Mix together in large chilled bowl. For our last batch, we stuck the bowl in the snow for 30 minutes then brought the snow and bowl inside.

Top with chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, coconut, whatever suites your fancy. Eat immediately!

I should also note [thanks for the reminder Linds] that you can take snow and add fruit juice and have snow cones. For added fun, turn up the heat to 80 degrees, put on your bathing suit, toss down the beach towels and pretend it's summer. :-)

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