The biggest landscape change this spring is that our old, beautiful, but rotted maple tree is gone. The living room is getting lots more sun, which is wonderful! However, the back yard just seems incredibly bare!

Make up on boys, scruffy beards, and dresses with matching headbands... must be Easter Musical time!

David participated in the Easter Musical The Power of the Cross. He and his buddy Andrew were two of the disciples. 

I totally forgot I had planted these hyacinths. What a wonderful spring time surprise.

I'll never get tired of watching our plum tree blossom. 

So spring is blooming and warmer weather is making my heart glow. Windows open, fresh breezes, and dirt under my nails.  But the changes are just beginning... We're going to have our roof replaced (yikes!), David's middle brother is getting married in less than two months, a vacation (of sorts) is attempting to be planned, gatherings with friends are filling our calendars, and summer will be at our doorstep before we know it!

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