Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day and what a different one it is from a year ago! Last year this day was filled with grief and emptiness. Grief over my two glory babies, grief related to family dynamics, grief because the future still looked bleak. Now I know that a year ago was the start of much needed healing, maturing, and grace. God's faithfulness astounds and humbles me.

Today David surprised me!  I am so proud of him for his thoughtfulness and sneakiness!He gave me a necklace by Lisa Leonard. It's a design that was inspired by the short life of Audrey Caroline daughter of Todd and Angie Smith. This necklace is weighty and the pendant warms as you wear it. It's a physical reminder of Petunia and Pumpkin. I am so blessed to have cared for Petunia for 8 weeks and nearly 13 weeks with Pumpkin. Now as we embark on our third trimester with Sweet Potato, I find myself in awe that God would allow us to carry and love and know this little one for so long. Mother's Day has a whole new meaning. 

David and I also had the pleasure of spending the day with my mama and grandma. What a joy to spend time as a family laughing, loving, and building more memories! My life has been so enriched by the sacrifices and love of so many wonderful women! I couldn't ask for better role models of what motherhood entails (the good, the bad, and occasionally the ugly) then those given by my mother and mother-in-love. I pray that I am able to pass along this heritage of godly love to Sweet Potato.

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