HypnoBirthing and 34 weeks

Last evening David and I finished our childbirth classes. Like most things, we chose not to take the most traditional route. So rather than going to the hospital (or even the local grocery store, where apparently they now hold community education classes) with 15 other expecting couples, we traveled to a private home for intimate sessions. It was wonderful!

There are a handful of childbirth "theories" or techniques and we chose to go with HypnoBirthing. I know it sounds really new age, and I suppose some people make it into that, but for us the draw was its natural approach, its positive outlook, its emphasis on David as a vital partner in the delivery of our child, and its overall pain management. The techniques taught are life long helps. Learning to remain calm, to breath, and to be comfortable trusting one's body to know how to respond.

One of the blessings of our miscarriages is that I learned to read my body. Since we miscarried Pumpkin here at home, I literally went through a shortened version of labor. From back labor, to contractions, to delivery. It doesn't sound pleasant-- especially when you are talking about the loss of a child not the birth of a child-- but through that experience I gained an understanding of how to respond when my body goes into automatic mode. Apparently, during birth, there comes a point where the body takes over and for many women this is frightening. On some level I've already "practiced" this. I already know what it's like to have your body tell you what position you need to be in to be comfortable!

Now that classes are complete and the hospital bag packed, David and I are excited. We've finally reached that point where we're really truly over the moon about this baby. We can't wait to find out what it is and who it looks like and what personality it has. We're reading children books before bed, we're practicing our calming and visualization exercises as a family (yes, the baby actually relaxes with us), and baby gets kissed by Daddy at least once (often lots more!) every day. I'm enjoying "playing" with baby as it rolls and kicks.

I think the best part is that despite not having a clue how breastfeeding works, or what my emotional state is gonna be postpartum, having this baby just seems right. I'm not fearful. I'm not nervous. I'm ready. I feel exactly as I did before I married David - peaceful and certain. It's a mental and emotional state that can only come from God. Sweet blessings from above.

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