New Neighbors

Last July our across the street neighbors decided to put their house up for sale. Having taught the two youngest children, as well as enjoying watching all the comings and goings of a busy family (and the antics of their elementary children) I was rather saddened by this decision.

Months passed and we would occasionally see people view the house, but the FOR SALE sign never changed. I was secretly delighted and hoped that maybe they would just end up staying. Then in April.... SOLD appeared. After talking with the youngest child at the bus stop one early spring morning, Anna told me they'd be moving in June and that they were still looking for a house to move into. When I spoke with her mother, she said that a young couple had purchased the home. That they had 2 daughters and a third due the week after moving.

While the prospect of having another young mom on the street did intrigue me, I found myself becoming increasingly saddened by the loss of community feeling on the street. I didn't want the middle of June to arrive. But it did. One family moved out and the new neighbors moved in. It was a whirlwind. They were moving in as we were readying ourselves to leave for vacation. Wanting to be welcoming, but not give myself "extra" work, I baked a dozen personal size stromboli and gave them half, along with a can of peaches, and homemade gummy bears. It was a hit!

Our new neighbors can't replace the old, but yesterday as I watched their oldest daughter prance around the yard in a sun dress and fireman's hat, I knew that the joy of watching children grow and learn and explore would continue on our street. Hopefully, there'll be plenty of chances for neighborly friendliness...especially since our babies will only be a few weeks apart. :-)

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