The Nursery

We're swiftly approaching 37 weeks and the nursery is just about done. Many generous and helpful hands have helped it be Sweet Potato ready. And since you all just want to see the pictures, I'll stop "talking" and let you browse. :-)

L's old crib is ready for a new little one!

Waiting patiently to meet their new friend. David and my stuffed animals from childhood as well as a giraffe we purchased, a lamb made by Dearma, and a cute little bean from Cape May!

We're ready to read and breastfeed!

Sweet Potato's bookshelf has the most darling bookends thanks to Uncle Kirby and Aunt Jen!

Big button to hide an ugly picture hook. :-)

Invisible bookshelf with vintage books.

The dresser/changing table that David "designed". Kudos to Mama for making the changing pad cover.

All that's left is to fill the middle spot with Sweet Potato.

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