Dear Sweet Potato,

The time has come my little one for you to meet this great big world. We are certainly looking forward to seeing your sweet face and smothering you in kisses and cuddles.

As we've been waiting for your arrival there have been many unexpected changes. One day you'll ask us what we were doing before you were born, so here is a timeline of what took place shortly before you arrived.
Daddy's first car all banged up.
Tuesday, August 3 -  Mommy went to the doctor. Afterward she stopped at the grocery store. Then as she was heading home (with 4 half gallons of ice cream) another pregnant lady made a left turn into Mommy's car. Because of how the car was hit, Mommy couldn't steer and plowed into (and over) two road signs. It was the first time Mommy, and you for that matter, were in an accident. The policeman came, the ambulance came to make sure you were okay, and then Daddy arrived. We got your car seat, our groceries and headed home to put away our quickly melting ice cream. Then we went to the hospital where Dearma and Dearpa met us. The doctor and nurses did a few tests and we got to watch your heart beat on a special monitor. After 3.5 hours, they sent us home since you were definitely happy and healthy. We all felt God's protection over your life.

Wednesday, August 4 - Because of all our excitement with the accident, Mommy had some very strong contractions throughout the day and evening. On more than one occasion Daddy and I thought we would be heading back to the hospital. However, you were not yet ready.

Friday, August 6 - We found out that our car was totaled. So Daddy and I spent all day shopping for a minivan. It was tiring! We crawled into cars, out of cars, took test drives, opened trunks, folded seats, and completely wore ourselves out! Daddy and I did take a little time to have a lovely 5th anniversary lunch at Olive Garden.

Look at how big Mommy's tummy is on your due date!
Sunday, August 8 - Your due date.

Monday, August 9 - Daddy's Birthday! Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Caleb all flew in to celebrate Daddy's big day and to await your arrival. We celebrated with dinner at Outback Steakhouse, then raspberry cheesecake (one of Daddy's favorites) and candles at home. Dearpa, Dearma, and Uncle Philip joined us for dessert and presents.

        Mommy also had a doctor's appointment that day. We got to see and hear your heartbeat and since you hadn't arrived yet we made plans to go to the hospital later in the week so you could be born. That evening, Mommy had some strong contractions and actually thought you might make an appearance. Daddy was secretly glad you didn't arrive on his birthday. :-)

Wednesday, August 11 - Daddy and Mommy decided to run a few errands. We went to get a document notarized and found out that Daddy's license had expired... a year ago! Later we found out it hadn't but Daddy couldn't find where his updated card was. Then we deposited some money in the bank only we got another customer's deposit slip so we had to run inside the bank and have things sorted. Finally, we made it to the car dealership. After test driving yet another vehicle, we placed a down payment on a minivan. While the car won't actually be ready for us until after you are born, we are blessed and thankful to be able to provide you with such a safe vehicle and a much easier one for hooking in car seats and taking trips!

Thursday, August 12 - This evening we head to the hospital so that the doctor can break Mommy's water and you can be born. We don't know yet when you'll officially arrive, but we are excited and a little scared to start a new phase of this journey with you... in our arms. Your Daddy can't wait to snuggle with you instead of Mommy's belly. :-) And each of your four grandparents and all of your uncles and aunts are very anxious to see, hold, and meet you.

Whether you are a boy or a girl, you'll always be Mommy's Sweet Potato.

We love you.

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