Week 2

Saturday: Tabitha made up for her quiet day of visiting with  Pam and Myron & Lorraine during her evening feeding. While nursing, she suddenly arched her back, eyes bugged, limbs became rigid, she turned beet red, and stopped breathing. I screamed for David. As soon as he had her in his arms, he turned her on her belly and started patting her back. I called 911. By the time the 3 cops (two different townships responded) and the paramedics arrived, Tabitha had started breathing again. We later spoke to our pediatrician, who surmises that Tabitha probably wasn't choking on breast milk, rather that she had a seizure. Our doctor said, "Everyone is allowed one seizure. If it happens again, we're doing a full work up." We're all hoping it never happens again.

Sunday-Monday: Breastfeeding does not come naturally! I had such sore nipples from breastfeeding that I was in tears every time I fed Tabitha. Additionally, I was feeling very trapped. Like my daughter was really a ball and chain and I would never be able to plan, go out, or function like anything other than a milk machine again. We decided to try pumping and supplementing with formula.
Sleeping on Daddy's chest.

Tuesday: After agonizing all weekend about what to do regarding how to feed Tabitha (only breastfeed, pump exclusively, breastfeed and pump, formula only) I finally called a lactation consultant. Tuesday also brought a visit from Uncle John who gushed and cooed over his new great-niece. That evening we realized that Tabitha has P.M. Colic leanings. This translates to screaming for about 3 hours straight (with a few breaks).

Wednesday: David had an interview for a potential job in the morning. In the afternoon, I met with Jody and we came up with a plan for feeding Tabitha while giving Mommy a few flexibility options.

Hanging out on the floor.

Thursday: A calm day. Took a walk around the neighborhood, ate left overs from the scrumptious meals we've been receiving, and watched a few Big Bang episodes. That night I was up every 2 hours to nurse as Tabitha has entered her first growth spurt.
Climbing up Dearma. Tabitha rarely stays still!

Friday: Daddy's first day back at work. Dearma came to watch Tabitha while Mommy ran to the grocery store. Then in the afternoon Karen came and took pictures of our persnickety little girl. I love how my daughter loves being held and snuggling, but it does make it tricky when you want to take photos. :-) Still, Karen did a great job at capturing our Sweet Potato even with the screaming fits.

Saturday: While attempting to change a diaper before her bath, Tabitha had awful gas followed by a pint sized Mount Vesuvius eruption. Thank goodness for extra diapers! As Mommy and Daddy were reaching for wipes and other various clean-up materials, Tabitha just cooed, grinned, and spit up. This is life with a newborn.

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