1 Month

Our darling daughter is a month old. We were reminiscing at 2:30 am how much has changed for us and in her since she was born.

In us...
  • an occasional 5 hour stretch of sleep is heaven
  • naps are no longer optional
  • laundry is done nearly every day (most common "stain" is breastmilk)
  • regularly discuss number of poopy vs. wet diapers and their consistencies
  • stay awake just to watch our daughter sleep
  • sing all sorts of made up songs accompanied by wacky dances (David is particularly good at this!)
  • dependency on caffeine is growing

In her...
  • stays alert for longer periods
  • smiles
  • when you ask her to tell you a story she will often start to "talk"
  • grunts regularly in her sleep - much to the amusement of her parents
  • has discovered her ears
  • rolls from back to belly when you least expect it
  • LOVES her bouncy seat
  • adores being held
Tabitha Statistics:
Weighs     8 lbs. 1 oz. (20th percentile)
Height     20 1/2 inches (25th percentile)
Head circumference    14 inches (10th percentile)

So our baby is still on the petite side, but she's growing and we're so grateful for that! It's been a short-long month, yet parenthood really is a joy.

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