A List of Firsts

All new parents chronicle the many firsts their child experiences. These past 6 weeks Tabitha has had many firsts. I'm trying to get better at capturing them on camera, however, I'm still not very good. Thankfully, grandparents are great at remembering to not just bring the camera, but also take pictures. Sadly, neither Mommy nor Dearpa or Dearma got pictures of her at her first collegiate football game. But we sure had fun watching Lowen play... despite the score. :-(

First stroller ride. She was a little too small for the stroller so
we wheeled her around on the back wheels only.

First trip (of many!) to Cape May, NJ. 

First visit to Hot Dog Tommy's. I think next time she'll appreciate it more. :-)

Corner Cottage... her first overnight away from home.

Her first birthday party. Uncle Harry turned 90 years old!

First visit to an Alpaca Farm.

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