Two years of growth

Two years ago, our September was full of pain. We had just experienced our first miscarriage when David was offered a job. A job in a library, working with people he respected in his home town. At that point he had been with the state government for about 2 1/2 years and was eagerly looking to move on. This job offer seemed ideal.

Except... it wasn't. It wasn't the job, or the place, or the people. We didn't know it then, but there were other lessons to be learned. Within a week of losing Petunia, David and I decided to turn down the "perfect" job. My heart grieved as I watched David release his dream of working in a library. When we would talk, I kept telling him that something better would come. I felt that surely God would not have us both give up our desires (mine to be a mother, his to have a career in librarianship) forever. This just wasn't the right time.

As the months passed and David would apply, interview, and be rejected from job after job I began to doubt. When we lost Pumpkin that winter, I doubted. When David graduated from graduate school and the economy tanked rendering so many of his job prospects null and void, I questioned. What was God doing? Why couldn't my husband get a job, in his field? Couldn't the Lord see his talents were stagnating in his current position? Didn't the Lord create David for more than just a seat warmer?

What I didn't want to see (at the time) was all the change that was occuring. Despite his job(less) prospects my husband diligently went to work. He improved what he could in his workplace, while looking for opportunities to use his interests outside of work. The real joy though was in our marriage. We learned to support each other and encourage in new ways. We put down roots by investing in each other and friends. We learned to be content with what we had and thankful for the little blessings of everyday life.

Then God said, "Excuse me, I'd like to give you..."

Within a week of bringing home our daughter, David was interviewing for a position we had just heard about. It seemed like a long shot, but people whom we had never actually met were putting in good words for David and the interview process moved fast. By week three of being parents, we were praying for wisdom regarding acceptance of a library job.

On Monday, David will start his career. He'll be overseeing a library at a science and technology centered university. He'll have the same commute as he has for the past 4 years. It's a higher paying position and the benefits are good. We are humbled that God would grant our desires in such a perfectly timed way. He really does make all things beautiful in their time.

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