Baby Blessing(s)

Back in June, I posted how I was channeling all my baby preparations into planning our Baby Blessing. I have been quite remiss in letting everyone know how it all went. My dear friend and her parents hosted the joyous event in their lovely home. Bright oranges and pinks were found in flowers, table decorations, and even gift wrap. We started the time with the blessing. David explained how we came to call our daughter Tabitha Gail and revealed our prayer that she will exhibit generosity, grace, and a beautiful spirit as she finds love and confidence in the delight of her Heavenly Father. 
We then entered a time of prayer and praise. My dear friend Gretchen and her husband Clayton, prayed over Tabitha. They thanked God for His awesome gift of life and asked that her intellect, spirit, and heart would yearn to know Him. Then David's parents prayed over him and my parents prayed over me. David then read a letter from our close friends the Taylors. They were unable to make the event, but wrote a lovely blessing to Tabitha. My brother followed by lifting up the family and friends who gathered around us. He prayed specifically for wisdom as they help to guide David and I as parents and instruct Tabitha in the years to come. 

Finally, the hostess, L praised God for gathering us together. She even spoke of the blessing of having lost Petunia and Pumpkin so that our Sweet Potato could be born. Tissues were passed many times, but the tears were of joy, of thanksgiving, of praise to the God who makes all things work together for those who love Him. 

Of course a gathering such as this couldn't go by without delectable delights. Oreo balls [a new favorite], cucumber and dill sandwiches, pretzels, lemon cupcakes, punch, cheese, and fruit tarts filled our hungry selves. All of it scrumptious! 

While Tabitha will not remember the day, her Mama and Daddy will never forget it. To be surrounded by the love, friendship, and the Holy Spirit in celebration of His work in our lives left both David and I speechless. We were at once both emotionally filled and drained. It was all the celebration for which we could have hoped.

*All photos copyright of the lovely and oh so talented L @but a shadow.

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