Valentine's Day

While David and I have never really been great at romantic dinners or getaways, this Valentine's Day actually was memorable. After baby girl was snugly tucked in bed, we feasted on cheese fondue, balsamic pork chops, mushroom pinwheels, and scrumptious hot chocolate from Ticket Kitchen [A, sorry to ruin the surprise but this is what I'm sending you]. And remember those homemade marshmallows? Well, we topped off our drinks with some fluffy fun. 

Tip: We had some left over fondue which I couldn't part with. I mean, that cheese was expensive! So I let everything cool. Then I saved the cheese. Two nights later I made tomato soup with milk and slowly melted the fondue cheese into the soup. Garnished with some Italian herbs and it was the best gourmet tomato soup we've ever had! 

P.S. Several of you had wondered how you make marshmallows. Well you could follow this recipe or this one, but I got mine out of this cookbook. Quick, easy, cleaned-up in a snap, and oh so yummy!

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