A Little Sweetness from Our Sweet Potato

She might not have teeth, but our little Sweet Potato loves eating. Particularly, if it's off your plate or out of your bowl. Soup seems to be her favorite non-baby food item. She's also highly interested in drinking from regular cups. We might just bypass the whole sippy cup if this continues. Non-food items she likes to consume or gnaw on include: coupons, socks (her own and others), spatulas, and cloth.

The weather has been in a state of flux lately. On one particularly nice day we took a family walk.

A couple weeks ago, I read this post about a pajama failure. A couple of days later David found Tabitha with her own pj escape. We're still not sure how she did this as the snaps were still closed!

Then last Saturday, while I was working, David shot this adorable video of Tabitha. She loves talking to herself in the mirror! She's also developing some adorable little "moves" like cocking her head at a angle and smiling, wiggling her shoulders than torso and hips, and sucking her lips into her mouth. Needless to say, we are having much fun with our darling daughter.

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