What a response! My mailbox has been brimming with messages of love, concern, and encouragement. I didn't realize so many people actually read my little postings. It's quite humbling. Thank you for your support. However, I feel there are a few things I need to address--even if it’s just to set a few minds at ease.

1. Life lessons hit at the darnedest times.
Ever wonder why your great epiphany occurs in the shower and not in the middle of the conversation when you really could have used it? I'm sure someone scholarly has done all the proper research to answer that question scientifically. Personally, I think the Lord uses our quiet moments to speak the loudest to us. I've been spending more consistent time in prayer and Bible Study lately and God’s been rewarding my discipline with some clear messages.

2. Contrary to belief, feeling alone isn’t inherently bad.
I actually really treasure alone time—more so now with a baby. Sometimes though we each need to be reminded that we aren’t alone. Essentially, that is what I was attempting to communicate in my previous post. And considering your responses, I don’t feel as alone thanks to you.

3. “Frustration is the wet nurse of violence” – David Abrahansen
Yes, even I have aggression. I’ve found that it’s better to deal with my frustration by communicating it than letting it build until I combust. Sometimes this means writing blog posts exposing some of my darker thoughts. At other times it means wrestling the urge to purchase cheap china and smash it in the street. My daughter expresses her frustration by blowing spit bubbles. Perhaps I’ll try that next.
Aside—part of my current frustration has been that I know there are people I’d like to get to know, but motherhood challenges my ability to adequately do that. Balancing one’s own life and close relationships is hard enough. When you try to maneuver your schedule to fit another’s it gets even more complicated. Bottom-line: we’re all too busy and that busyness continues to thwart my meager attempts at closeness.

4. Changes. They be a comin’.
David and I have had some pretty lengthy conversations lately. We’ve come to a few conclusions and I’m hoping to share those with you in the near future. To give you a glimpse, we’ve covered finances, pleasure activities, spiritual activities, time management, and household procedures…just to name a few. I’m excited to share with you how God is challenging us.

Until later, Happy Friday everyone! 



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