Catching up…

Adorable onesie from Little Blue Feather
It's been a whirlwind the past few weeks. I truly didn't mean to take such a long blogging hiatus, but sometimes the living of life means the chronicling of it gets put on hold. So let's see if I can get you all caught up on the past few weeks.

Mid-March -- We had company! David's parents and youngest brother were in town for a few days. The weather here was positively delightful and we enjoyed eating outside, playing in the grass, and walks. Tabitha wasn't so sure about her Grandpa and Uncle Caleb, but she was kinda going through a phase of "I don't like men." Thankfully she seems to have passed that stage and is now onto the lovely "Mama/Daddy don't you dare leave me" stage. We are now the parents who drop our kid off at nursery and then mow the other parents over as we race to leave before she realizes we're gone.

End of March/Early April -- David had a conference in Philly. I was jealous. I miss you City of Brotherly Love. While he was off attending interesting round tables and academic presentations, I was at home attempting to care for a severely constipated baby [more on this soon], while packing and preparing for four hectic days following his return. Saturday, April 2 we had the joy of witnessing the marriage of two friends. David knows the groom through church and his Men's Group. I have known the bride since we were in late elementary school. We have watched on the sidelines as Myron and Lorraine grew in their mutual affection and occasionally helping them to take the next step in their relationship. It was a beautiful day filled with fun, happiness, and the bliss of seeing two hearts finally united as one!

The very next day, we flew out of BWI for Florida. David's Grandparents Lavrack live in Florida and we flew down to spend some time with them and introduce them to Tabitha. It was bliss.

Four Generations of family

  • saw beautiful birds at the park
  • splashed in the water -- T was a little dubious
  • ate delicious meals
  • played some pool
  • ate loquats -- yummy tangy fruit that is sometimes called Chinese plum
  • played games
  • visited with family -- oh how precious that was!
  • Tabitha's first encounter with an up-close animal. She belly giggled at ZuZu and liked to touch her fur. Watch out Daddy, a kitty cat might be in our future.
  • watched the fish in Aunt Laurie and Uncle Kevin's pond
  • drooled over Aunt Laurie's craft room… Talk about being jealous!
  • stood in awe of Grandma's ability to keep the house spotless even with all of us tromping in and out. Martha Stewart would have trouble competing with Grandma's skills. Seriously.
  • didn't want to say good-bye.

Now we're in the throws of Easter musical practice and preparations for Easter. Life is picking up pace, but we are thoroughly enjoying it. My hyacinths are blooming, the lily of the valley is getting ready to fill the air, and we are relishing in seeing the birds and animals once again fill our backyard. Sweet abundant life!

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