Eight Months Old

My dearest little Sweet Potato,

Eight months ago your head was a little cone shaped and your arms and legs were skinny little spindles. 

Now your face is round and rosy cheeked and your arms and legs have dimples. It has been a wonderful eight months being your parents. Each day you are growing and learning and Mama and Daddy are having trouble keeping up! 

You haven't started to crawl, but you're getting close and you really want to be on the move. Sitting in one place is just no fun anymore. You have finally figured out how to roll from back to belly. However, you much prefer to pull yourself to a standing position. 

You don't have any teeth yet, but you are chewing on everything-- a new favorite the TV remote. You are eating more solids and getting better at taking a bottle. Your stubbornness shows itself when you fight taking your naps or sleeping through the night. Little Girl, 3:30 am is not playtime. However, you love the stacking rings Aunt Kathy gave you--a definite favorite toy. You like to clack the wooden rings together. In fact, you like to make all sorts of noises using your hands. Clapping might just be your new hobby. You've also discovered how to make your hand squeak. Step 1: Suck on fingers and hand until sufficiently slobbered. Step 2: Open and close fist. Step 3: Smile at the sound.

You are very attached to Mama and Daddy. While you enjoy playing by yourself, you don't like when Daddy or I walk away. You want company. You're also learning to signal when you want something. Arms fly into the air when you want up, frequently followed by hugs and kisses to us as soon as you are in our arms. It's the best feeling in the world! 

Perhaps our favorite trait of yours is that when you smile your eyes light up. 
We love you, Little Girl!

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